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Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations: Part 12 Candidates requiring adjustments to their examination arrangements

Application of Part 12 


(1) This Part is concerned with candidates for University Examinations who require adjustments to their examination arrangements. Exam adjustments are put in place for a candidate when the standard examination arrangements would put them at a substantial disadvantage because of a disability (including specific learning difficulties) or a specific health condition.  

(2) Students may also be granted alternative scheduling arrangements if they are partaking in the religious observance of their faith and they are not permitted to work for a specific period of time which coincides with an assessment. 

(3) Candidates to whom this Part applies are called ‘candidates with exam adjustments’.  

Application process 

12.2. A candidate in any University Examination requiring adjustments to their examination arrangements may apply to the Registrar through the Senior Tutor of their college for exam adjustments or, if they do not have a college, through their course administrator.  


(1)  Candidates to whom Part 12.1(1) applies will need to undertake an assessment with the Disability Advisory Service, who will review professional assessments and/or medical evidence and make a recommendation on suitable adjustments to examinations as part of the Student Support Plan (SSP). All applications for examination adjustments must be accompanied by appropriate supporting evidence including details of the impact of the condition.  

(2) Candidates to whom Part 12.1(2) applies are required to provide evidence from their college detailing the faith of the candidate concerned and the details of any days specially affected as supporting evidence. 


(1) Where an application is made in respect of a candidate who is confirmed under regulation 12.3 above to require exam adjustments and is made by the application deadline in 12.6 below, the Registrar shall ensure that arrangements are made for the examination of that candidate which are appropriate for them and fair in all the circumstances. 

(2) These arrangements may include but are not limited to the provision of a room for the examination of the candidate, permission under Part 10 of these regulations for the dictation of papers and the use of a word-processor or other materials and equipment, the provision of an amanuensis, and the granting of extra time for the examination. 

(3) The Registrar shall have regard to any recommendation made in the supporting evidence in deciding what arrangements they should make. 

12.5. In the case of a candidate with a specific learning difficulty the Registrar shall also ensure that the appropriate statements explaining the effects of a specific learning difficulty are supplied to the chair of the examiners of the relevant University Examination and the Registrar shall ensure that they are placed on the candidate's examination scripts and any other work submitted for assessment, in order to assist the examiners in adjudicating the merits of the candidate's work. 

12.6. An application under 12.1(1) or 12.1(2) above shall be made according to the following deadlines:  

(1) When specific scheduling arrangements are required, no later than week 4 of Michaelmas term of the academic year in which the examination(s) take place;  

(2) For exam adjustments which do not require specific scheduling arrangements, no later than week 4 of the term preceding that which the examination(s) take place. 

(3) In most cases, the University is unable to accommodate requests for exam adjustments made after the relevant deadline.  

Visually-impaired candidates 


(1) In addition to any examination adjustments granted under 12.4 where any college has a visually-impaired candidate for any University Examination that requires provision of papers in Braille, the Senior Tutor shall, no later than week 4 of Michaelmas term of the academic year in which the examination(s) take place, inform the Registrar who will make the necessary arrangements in consultation with the Chair of Examiners. 

(2) When papers in Braille or another format are required, the chair concerned shall submit a copy of the necessary manuscripts to the Registrar at least ten weeks before the date of the beginning of the University Examination.  

(3) In most cases, the University is unable to accommodate requests for exam adjustments made after the relevant deadline.  

Continuity of arrangements 

12.8. Exam adjustments approved by the Registrar under this Part shall normally apply to all University Examinations taken by the candidate during their course of study. 

12.9. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to apply for any subsequent change to these arrangements, and to inform the Registrar of any material change in their circumstances which might affect the suitability of those arrangements. 

Codes of practice 

12.10. In exercising their powers under this Part the Registrar and Chairs of Examiners shall take full account of any relevant code of practice or other guidance adopted by the University in relation to persons who have a requirement for exam adjustments. 


12.11. The invigilation of candidates with exam adjustments for whom an examination room is provided shall be carried out in accordance with regulation 15.5 below. 

Notification of mitigating circumstances to the examiners 

12.12. A candidate with exam adjustments should not submit a Mitigating Circumstance notice to Examiners (MCE) for the same reason(s) for which their application under 12.2 was made unless the impact on their exam was not fully mitigated by the exam adjustments granted. 

12.13. Should a candidate find that the exam adjustments do not fully mitigate for the reasons for which the adjustments were required, a candidate may submit an MCE but must detail what the adjustments granted were, how they were insufficient and the impact this had on their academic performance. 

Appeals under this Part 

12.14. A candidate, or their college, who is dissatisfied with any decision made by the Registrar under this Part may appeal against that decision in accordance with the provisions of regulation 18.1 below. 


12.15. The costs of arrangements made under this Part shall not fall on the candidate.