Publishing changes to regulations

All changes to the text of the Examination Regulations require a notice to be published in the Gazette. All changes must be approved by the appropriate divisional board and in some cases (e.g. new courses, course name changes, discontinuation of courses, changes that affect on course students, other major changes to courses) by Education Committee. For further information on the approval process and on change types, please read Annex H and Annex I of the Policy and guidance on new courses and major changes to courses.

Any changes notified to the Gazette for publication should have been approved by all necessary authorising bodies, and are considered to be valid providing that no objection has been received from Congregation during the 14 days following the appearance of the notice in the Gazette. The use of the terms ‘proposal’ or ‘subject to approval by X’ are not appropriate at the stage of publication and should not appear on notices.

Detailed guidance on the information required and a template to help in the preparation of notices for the Gazette are available. An un-tabulated MS Word document may be used instead of the template provided it includes all of the information in the detailed guidance note. If using the template please remove guidance material in square brackets.