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Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations: Part 8 Approval of Conventions and Submission of Papers to Examiners

Approval of conventions

  • 8.1. The conventions to be used in the assessment of candidates in any University Examination shall be approved by the supervisory body responsible for the course and the Examination and be published to prospective candidates not less than one whole term before the Examination takes place or, where assessment takes place in the first term of a course, at the beginning of that term.

Submission of papers to examiners

  • 8.2. The papers proposed for any written examination shall be submitted to all the examiners in the University Examination concerned according to a timetable determined by the chair of the examiners under this Part.

  • 8.3. Each chair of examiners shall determine a timetable for the submission of papers under regulation 8.2 above which shall allow sufficient time for

    • (1) the due consideration and approval of the proposed papers by all the examiners;

    • (2) the production and proof-reading of the papers and their presentation in camera-ready copy; and

    • (3) the delivery of two camera-ready copies of each paper to the Examination Schools not later than five weeks before the first day of the University Examination in question.

  • 8.4. In the Final Honour School of Oriental Studies it shall be sufficient if the paper in each main subject and, where appropriate, additional language, is submitted to the chair of the examiners and the examiners acting together in the conduct of the examination in that main subject and additional language.