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Preliminary Examination in Philosophy and Theology


1. The subjects of the Preliminary Examination for Philosophy and Theology shall be (a) Philosophy and (b) Theology.

2. All candidates must offer both (a) and (b).

3. The languages, subjects, and papers in the examination shall be under the joint supervision of the Boards of the Faculties of Theology and Religion, and of Philosophy, which shall appoint a standing joint committee to make, and to submit to the two boards, proposals for regulations concerning the examination.


1. (a) Philosophy: all candidates must offer Philosophy I: Introduction to General Philosophy and Philosophy II: Moral Philosophy and Logic.

     (b) Theology: all candidates must offer Paper 1201 The Figure of Jesus through the Centuries, and one of 1001 New Testament Greek, 1002 Biblical Hebrew, 1003 Church Latin, 1004 Qur’anic Arabic, 1005 Pali, 1006 Sanskrit; 1101 Introduction to the Study of the Bible, or 1301 Religion and Religions.

2. Candidates must offer all papers at one examination provided that a candidate who fails in one or two papers may offer those subjects at one subsequent examination, and a candidate who fails three or four papers must offer all four subjects at one subsequent examination.

3. In the case of candidates who have satisfied the Examiners in all the papers at a single examination, the Examiners may award a distinction to those of special merit.