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Preliminary Examination in Engineering Science


The subjects of the examination, the syllabus, and the number of papers shall be as prescribed by regulation from time to time by the Divisional Board of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences.


  • 1. Candidates shall take four written papers of three hours each:

    Paper P1 Mathematics

    Paper P2 Electronic and Information Engineering

    Paper P3 Structures and Mechanics

    Paper P4 Energy

    The syllabus for Papers P1-P4 will be published annually by the Faculty of Engineering Science in the Engineering Science Undergraduate Course Handbook.

    In addition Engineering Coursework (P5) shall be considered by the Moderators as equivalent to half of a three hour written paper.

  • 2. Candidates must offer all subjects at one examination provided that: (i) a candidate who fails in one or two written papers may offer those written subjects at one subsequent examination; (ii) a candidate who fails three or four written papers must offer all four written subjects at one subsequent examination.

  • 3. Candidates shall be deemed to have passed the examination if they shall have satisfied the Moderators in all four written papers and in the engineering coursework either at a single examination or at two examinations in accordance with the proviso to clause 2. Any written subjects retaken must be passed at the same attempt at a subsequent examination.

  • 4. All candidates shall be assessed as to their practical ability in engineering coursework under the following provisions:

    • (a) The Chairman of the Faculty, or a deputy, shall make available to the Moderators, by the date of the first written paper, evidence showing the extent to which each candidate has completed coursework.

    • (b) Candidates will not normally be required to submit their coursework. The Moderators may request coursework from some candidates. Such candidates will be named in a list posted by the day of the last written examination.

    • (c) Engineering coursework cannot be retaken. Failure of coursework will normally constitute failure of the examination.

  • 5. In the case of candidates who offer all four written papers, the Moderators shall publish the name of candidates who have satisfied them either in the whole examination or in any written paper. In the case of candidates who, in accordance with the proviso of clause 2, offer one, two, or four written papers at the second attempt, the Moderators shall publish the names only of those candidates who have satisfied them in each of the papers offered.

  • 6. The Moderators may award a distinction to candidates of special merit who have passed all four written subjects and the engineering coursework at a single examination.

  • 7. The Moderators will not provide calculators, but will permit the use of one hand-held pocket calculator from a list of permitted calculators published by the Chairman of the Faculty not later than the end of the fourth week of the Trinity Full Term in the academic year preceding the examination.