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Preliminary Examination in Economics and Management


  • 1. The subjects of the Preliminary Examination in Economics and Management shall be:

    • (1) Introductory Economics

    • (2) Financial Management

    • (3) General Management.

  • 2. A candidate shall be allowed to offer themselves for examination in one, two, or three subjects.

  • 3. A candidate shall be deemed to have passed the examination if they have satisfied the Moderators in three subjects.

  • 4. The Moderators may award a distinction to candidates of special merit who have passed all three subjects at a single examination.


Papers will be set as follows:

Introductory Economics

As specified in the regulation relating to the Introductory Economics paper of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Preliminary Examination.

Financial Management

Financial reporting and analysis of company accounts; management accounting, including cost behaviours, capital budgeting, budgetary planning and control; discounting and net present value; internal rates of return; measurement and evaluation of risk; capital asset pricing; investment appraisal; sources of funds; capital budgeting and implementation.

General Management

Historical context; organisational behaviour; human resources; strategic management; technology and operations management; marketing; international business.