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Master of Studies in Syriac Studies

  • 1. Candidates must satisfy the Board of the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies before admission to the course that they possess the necessary qualification in the Syriac language to profit by the course.

  • 2. Every candidate must follow for at least three terms a course of study in Syriac Studies.

  • 3. Syllabus

    There will be four Units. Each unit is examined by a written paper.

    • Unit (i) Essay questions on the history, literature, and culture of the Syriac Churches.

    • Units (ii), (iii), and (iv) Passages for translation and comment, and essay questions on prescribed texts in Syriac, with special reference to three of the following subjects (a passage, or passages, for unprepared translation may also be set):

      • (1) Biblical versions;

      • (2) Exegetical literature;

      • (3) Early poetry;

      • (4) Liturgy;

      • (5) Historical literature;

      • (6) Secular literature;

      • (7) Monastic literature;

      • (8) Hagiography;

      • (9) Translations of Greek patristic texts;

      • (10) Theological texts;

      • (11) Any other subject approved by the Board.

  • 4. Lists of set texts must be submitted to the Faculty office by Friday of Week 7 of Michaelmas Term.

  • 5. Candidates may be required to attend a viva.

Teaching for the course may not be available in every year. Applicants for admission will be advised of this.