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Master of Science by Coursework in Migration Studies

  • 1. The course shall be under the supervision of the Migration Studies Teaching Committee and regulated by the joint Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of International Development and the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.

    2. Candidates must follow a course of instruction in Migration Studies for at least three terms and will be expected to attend such lectures and seminars as their supervisor/Course Director shall recommend.

    3. Each candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in eight papers.

  • Papers I-IV

    4. Each candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in four core papers:

    • Paper I: Anthropology of Migration

      Paper II: Migration and the Economy

      Paper III: Migration and Development

      Paper IV: Governance of Migration

  • 5. Each core paper will be assessed by written examination at the beginning of the term following that of the teaching.

    Paper V: Thematic and Regional Electives

    6. Each candidate will be required to choose two thematic and regional electives, which will be assessed by a written examination at the beginning of Trinity term. Candidates must answer at least one question from each of their electives. A list of electives approved for this purpose by the Teaching Committee will be published by the Course Director by Monday of week 6 of Michaelmas Term.

    Papers VI-VII: Methods in Social Research

    7. Each candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in Methods in Social Research assessed by two 3,000 word essays. The Qualitative assignment (Paper VI) must be submitted by no later than 12 noon on Friday of Week 2 of Hilary Term and the Quantitative assignment (Paper VII) must be submitted by no later than 12 noon on Monday of week 0 of Trinity Term.

    Paper VIII

    8. Each candidate shall be required to submit a dissertation of not more than 15,000 words on a subject approved by the supervisor. With the written approval of their supervisor, each candidate will submit the proposed title of the dissertation for consideration by the Teaching Committee by 12 noon on the Friday of week 2 of Hilary Term.

    9. The dissertation must be submitted no later than 12 noon on Thursday of Week 8 of Trinity Term.

    10. All assessments must be submitted using the University approved online assessment platform. Technical information on the requirements for online submissions is provided in the Course Handbook.

Oxford 1+1 MBA programme

Candidates registered on the Oxford 1+1 MBA programme will follow an additional two or three-month bridging programme at the end of their third term of the combined programme.

Each candidate will be appointed an academic advisor from the Saïd Business School to plan an individual course of study which will include as a minimum, the following three compulsory elements:

(i) Normally two meetings during the bridging programme with the senior advisor appointed by the Saïd Business School at the start of the Oxford 1+1 MBA programme.

(ii) A formatively assessed Integrative Development Plan of up to 3,000 words. Candidates would be required to critically reflect on their learning from the Masters programme and relate this both to their forthcoming MBA programme as well as to their career goals. The meetings with the advisor will frame the design, delivery and discussion of the plan.

(iii) Attendance of the MBA pre-course as described in the joining instructions for the MBA class, unless granted exemption by the MBA Committee on the grounds of prior formal study or work experience