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Master of Science by Coursework in Genomic Medicine

1. The Medical Sciences Divisional Board will appoint an Organising Committee for the supervision of the course. The Organising Committee will oversee teaching provision and nominate Examiners for the Exam Board.

2. The Organising Committee will assign an academic adviser and a research project supervisor for each candidate.

3. Each candidate will follow a course of study in Genomic Medicine for at least three terms and for a substantial part of the three subsequent vacations, as determined by the course timetable.

4. Candidates must complete the following assessment:

(i) Four computer-based examinations on the Core Modules as set out in the Schedule below.

(ii) For each of two Elective Modules selected from Set A and one Elective Module selected from Set B, as set out in the Schedule below, a written assessment or oral presentation appropriate to the elective module content.

(iii) A dissertation of 10,000-12,000 words on the research project (as set out in the Schedule below) undertaken in an academic, industry or clinical setting. A research project supervisor will be assigned to each candidate in addition to their academic adviser. The subject of each candidate's dissertation, the research project, and the supervision arrangements for each candidate must be approved by the Organising Committee.

5. Candidates may be examined viva voce.

6. Candidates will complete and submit coursework assessments via the approved online assessment platform and/or give an oral presentation for the chosen elective modules from Week 6 onwards of Hilary Term on dates specified in the course handbook.

7. Candidates will submit their dissertation via the approved online assessment platform by 12 noon on the last working day of July; exact dates will be specified by the Organising Committee and published in the course handbook.

8. Candidates must pass each assessment in order to pass the examination overall.

9. A candidate who fails any of the submitted assessments may re-sit the failed component(s) on one further occasion.


A. Core Modules

1. Fundamentals in Human Genetics and Genomics

2. Genomics of Common and Rare Inherited Diseases

3. Omic Technologies and their Application to Genomic Medicine

4. Bioinformatics, Statistics and Data Interpretation in Genomic Analysis

B. Elective Modules

Set A

1. Molecular Pathology and Precision Medicine

2. Advanced Quantitative Methods (Bioinformatics and Statistics)

3. Genome Engineering and Gene-based Therapeutics

4. Single Cell Applications of Omic Approaches

Set B

5. Genomics in Clinical Practice

6. Applications of Genomics in Therapeutics, Vaccinology and Industry

C. Research project