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Master of Science by Coursework in Medical Education (Part-time)

1. The Course shall be under the supervision of the Academic Committee of the Department of Education.

2. Candidates must follow a course of instruction for six terms specializing in Medical Education. This course is available on a part-time basis only.

3. Candidates are required to submit two written assignments of no more than 5,000 words each. For a module where it would be appropriate, if an assignment involves substantial statistical analysis, the word count may be reduced to no more than 2,500 words. The details of the assessment requirements for each paper will be set out in the Course Handbook. 

4. Candidates are required to submit a dissertation of 15,000 – 20,000 words. The dissertation must be submitted no later than noon on the second Thursday in September in the final year of the course. 

5. All assessments must be submitted using the University approved online submission system. Technical information on the requirements for online submissions is provided in the Course Handbook.

6. If a candidate receives a failing mark for either of the assignments, they may resubmit the assessment on one further occasion within eight weeks of publication of the fail, on a date as agreed with the Course Director. If a candidate fails the dissertation, they may resubmit the dissertation one further time on the next occasion when this is examined, or at an earlier date as agreed with the Course Director. 

7. Candidates may also be required to attend an oral examination. The oral examination will normally be on the candidate’s dissertation.


Programme of study: 

  1. Patients/Learners/Teachers
  2. Curriculum and pedagogy
  3. Assessment issues and practices
  4. Educational theory and philosophy
  5. Work-based learning and skill development
  6. Educational research methods