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Master of Science by Coursework in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition

  1.  The Course shall be under the supervision of the Academic Committee of the Department of Education.
  2. Candidates must follow a course of instruction for three terms, full-time.
  3. Candidates will take six one-term core modules. Each core module will be assessed through a take-home summative assessment, consisting of an essay of up to 2,500 words.
  4. Candidates are also required to submit a dissertation of between 15,000 and 20,000 words by no later than noon on the second Thursday in August.   
  5. All assessments must be submitted using the University’s online submission system. Technical information on the requirements for online submissions is provided in the Course Handbook. 
  6. If a candidate receives a failing mark for any of the summative assessments, they may re-sit the assessment on one further occasion. The submission date of the re-sit will be the next time the module is assessed in the following year, or by a date published by the Course Director, which will be no sooner than 6 weeks from the release of the results. If a candidate fails the dissertation, they may resubmit it on the next occasion when dissertations are examined, or at an earlier date as agreed with the Course Director. Grades for re-sits of summative assessments and re-submissions of dissertations are normally capped at 50.