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Master of Philosophy in Politics (Comparative Government, Political Theory, European Politics and Society)

  • 1. The programme shall be under the supervision of the Politics Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Politics and International Relations.  
  • 2. Candidates will be required to follow a course of instruction in either Comparative Government, European Politics and Society or Political Theory for six terms full-time. 
    3. The examinations shall consist of the following: 
  • Qualifying Examination 

    4. Candidates will complete one of the following three courses assessed by a written examination:
    • (i) Comparative Government (compulsory for Comparative Government students) 
    • (ii) European Governance (compulsory for European Politics and Society students) 
    • (iii) Theory of Politics (compulsory for Political Theory students)
  • 5. Candidates will complete one of the following two courses assessed by coursework, full details of which will be set out in the Student Handbook:
    • (i) Research Methods in Political Science (compulsory for Comparative Government and European Politics and Society students) 
    • (ii) Research Methods in Political Theory (compulsory for Political Theory students).
  • 6. To pass the qualifying examination and proceed to the second year each candidate must pass both courses. Candidates who fail either course will normally be able to retake it before the beginning of the next academic year. 

    Final Examination  

    7. Candidates will take two option papers from a list of those approved by the Politics Graduate Studies Committee. With the special permission of the Politics Graduate Studies Committee candidates may take an option paper from outside this list. Option papers will be assessed by written examination, research paper or essay as set out in the Student Handbook.  
    8. Candidates will submit a thesis of not more than 30,000 words by noon on Tuesday of week 1 of Trinity term. 
    9. Option paper essays or research papers and the thesis must be submitted using the University approved online submission system. Technical information on the requirements for online submissions is provided in the Student Handbook.  
    10. Successful candidates will be required to deposit a copy of their thesis in the Bodleian Library.