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General Regulations for Examinations for Diplomas and Certificates Open to Non-Members of the University

General Regulations

  • 1. A Register shall be kept by the Registrar of the University of all students who are studying with a view to obtaining a diploma or certificate granted under the provisions of this Decree and who are not members of the University. The Register shall be entitled the Register of Diploma Students.

  • 2. For the purpose of this Register, each of the bodies empowered to grant diplomas or certificates shall make to the Registrar each term, not later than the end of the second week of Full Term, a return of the names and addresses of all students who have been admitted by such body in that term and who are studying with a view to a diploma or certificate and who are not members of the University.

  • 3. No student shall have his or her name entered, replaced, or retained on the Register unless either (1) he or she is more than twenty-five years of age and has satisfied the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors that he or she is of good character, or (2) he or she is a graduate of a university approved by Council under the appropriate regulation, or (3) he or she has been admitted as a student for a Diploma or Certificate by the Continuing Education Board, or (4) he or she is a member of a society or institution in Oxford established for the purpose of higher study and approved for the purpose of this decree by Council,1 or (5) he or she is a member of the Public Service, naval, military, or civil, engaged on a course of higher study or research.

  • 4. Before the name of any person is entered or replaced on the Register, he or she shall pay to the Registrar of the University, through the body returning his or her name in pursuance of clause 2 above, a fee as prescribed in the appropriate regulation (see Appendix I). The Registrar shall pay all fees so received to the University Chest. This clause shall not apply to students admitted as candidates for the Special Diploma in Educational Studies, for Postgraduate Diplomas or Postgraduate Certificates awarded by the Continuing Education Board, for the Diploma in Jewish Studies or for the Diploma in Management Studies.

  • 5. The name of any diploma student may be removed, either temporarily or permanently, from the Register either by the Proctors or by the body by which his or her name was returned. No name which has been removed shall be replaced on the Register except with the consent of the authority which removed it. Nothwithstanding the earlier provisions of this clause, the student may within fourteen days of the date of the Proctors' decision appeal in writing to the Chair of the Education Committee (who may nominate another member of the committee, other than one of the Proctors, to adjudicate the appeal). If the Proctors' decision is not upheld, the Education Committee may replace the student's name on the Register.

  • 6. No one whose name is not on the Register, except a member of the University, shall be entitled to attend any lecture or course of instruction given under arrangements made by a body which grants any such diploma or certificate as aforesaid.

  • 7. No one except a member of the University shall be permitted to be a candidate in the examination, or any part of the examination, for any such diploma or certificate unless his or her name (1) is on the Register in the term in which such examination or part of an examination is held, or, if the examination is held in vacation, in the term immediately preceding such examination, (2) has been on the Register during at least one previous term or such longer period as may be prescribed by the body under whose authority the examination is held, provided that such body may dispense from this second requirement any candidate who before registration has attended only lectures or courses of instruction given in vacation under arrangements made by such body, or who is a member of the Public Service, naval, military, or civil, engaged on a course of higher study or research.

  • 8. The bodies empowered to grant diplomas or certificates shall cause lists of candidates in the examinations or any parts of examinations for any such diplomas or certificates to be distributed in the usual manner at least three days before the day fixed for the beginning of any such examination.

  • 9. Candidates entered for examinations in accordance with these regulations may be awarded by the examiners a merit for work of particularly high quality in the whole examination or a distinction for excellence in the examination. Candidates who have initially failed any element of assessment shall not normally be eligible for the award of merit or distinction. Education Committee shall maintain a list of programmes that have been given permission to be exempt from the provisions for the award of merit.