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Certificate of Higher Education in English Language and Literature

  • 1. The course shall consist of lectures, tutorials, seminars and classes on the subject of Humanities, English and Preparation for Undergraduate Study
  • 2. Every candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following for the Preparation for Undergraduate Study module:
    • a) Two revised tutorial essays
    • b) One written report
    • c) Two oral presentations
    • d) One reflective learning journal 
  • 3. Every candidate will, in addition to the Preparation for Undergraduate Study module, be required to satisfy the examiners in the following: 
    • a) Seven coursework assignments:  
      • a. One portfolio of four essays in Humanities
      • b. One revised tutorial essay in Humanities  
      • c. Two essays in English  
    • b) Two written examinations: 
      • a. One in Humanities  
      • b. One in English  
    • c) One presentation
    • d) One extended coursework assignment of not more than 5,000 on the subject of the candidate’s choice relating to the course material and approved by the Course Lead.
  • 4. The coursework assignments under the above clauses will be submitted via the approved online submission system to the examiners by dates given in the course handbook. 


Module 1: Foundations in Humanities 1 

Module 2: Foundations in Humanities 2 

Module 3: Enhancing core skills for literary study in English 

Module 4: English option papers 

Module 5: Extended Project