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Certificate of Higher Education in Chemistry

1. The course shall consist of lectures, tutorials, seminars and classes on the subject of Chemistry, Mathematics and Preparation for Undergraduate Study.

2. Every candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following for the Preparation for Undergraduate Study module:

(a) Two revised tutorial essays 

(b) One written report 

(c) Two oral presentations 

(d) One reflective learning journal

3.  Every candidate will, in addition to the Preparation for Undergraduate Study module, be required to satisfy the examiners in the following:

(e) Six written examinations 

(a) Two in Maths for Physical Sciences 

(b) Two in Chemistry 

(c) Two synoptic examinations in Chemistry 

(f) One mini project assignment of the candidate’s choice relating to the course material and approved by the Course Lead to include production of the written project and oral presentation. 

4. The coursework assignments under the above clauses will be submitted via the approved online submission system to the examiners by dates given in the course handbook. 



Module 1: Maths for Physical Sciences 1 

Module 2: Chemistry 1 

Module 3: Maths for Physical Sciences 2 

Module 4: Chemistry 2 

Module 5: Subject-specific problem-solving 

Module 6: Mini project