Version Log

This page contains information on the changes to Postgraduate Diploma in Theology and Religion since 1 July 2016

Gazette 4 May 2023

Removal of list of option papers from Exam Regulations. Refer Humanities Divisional Board notice in the Gazette

Gazette 22 July 2021

Provision for electronic submission via approved University online assessment platform. See the Humanities Board in the Gazette for further details.

Gazette 04 October 2018

Provision for the online submission of coursework.  See the Humanities Divisional Board notice in the Gazette for further details.

Technical Edit 21 September 2018

Removal of text marked for full-time students starting from MT 2017 and before MT 2018.

Gazette 20 July 2017

Course title change. See the Humanities Board notice in the Gazette for further details.

Gazette 16 June 2016

The regulations previously stated that candidates could take Honour School Paper 27, The New Testament in Greek, as one of the three papers that they are required to offer in order to be awarded the Diploma.  However Paper 27 is a two hour translation paper for which students can achieve marks of 90+ and is weighted at 50% of a full paper. The regulations for the Honour School of Theology and Religion specify that Paper 27 “is not available as a full paper but only as an optional extra translation paper”.  It was agreed to amend the regulations to stipulate that Paper 27 could only be offered as a fourth paper, and that the final mark for the award would be calculated as the average of the three best papers (excluding Paper 27).  

The course name change has not been approved by Education Committee for students starting from MT 2016. A correction notice will be published in the Gazette September 2016. The online Examiantion Regulations have not been updated with this change and the associated text changes.

See the Humanities Division Board notice in the Gazette for further details