Version Log

This page contains information on the changes to Postgraduate Diploma in Statistical Science since 1 July 2016

Gazette 9 December 2021 - Correction

Correction to notice published 23 September 2021. See MPLS Divisional Board notice in Gazette for further information. 

Gazette 23 September 2021

Major restructuring of assessment. For further information see the MPLS Board in the Gazette for further information.

Gazette 30 June 2016

The minor amendment brings the regulations into alignment with those for the MSc in Applied Statistics.  The examinations for the two awards are the same.

The amendment on topics for the examination papers reflects changes to the organisation of the subject matter within the course for 2016/2017.

See the MPLS Board notice in the Gazette for further details

Gazette 22 June 2017

Renaming of course. See the MPLS Board notice in the Gazette for details.