Version Log

This page contains information on the changes to Master of Science by Coursework in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing since 1 July 2016

Gazette 05 October 2023

Removal of one special topic assessment. Refer MPLS Divisional Board Gazette

Gazette 21 July 2022

Changes made to the list of topics contained in the “Schedule” to ensure it covers the range of options available. See the MPLS Divisional Board notice in Gazette for further information.

Gazette 12 November 2020

Change to submission method and the schedule. See the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Board notice in the Gazette for further information. 

Gazette 25 July 2019

Amendment to re-sit regulations in line with University policy.  See the MPLS Divisional notice in the Gazette for further information.

Technical Edit 8 May 2019

Removal of text marked for students starting before MT2017.

Gazette 23 March 2017

Change to dissertation submission deadline. See the MPLS Board notice in the Gazette for further information.