Version Log

This page contains information on the changes to Master of Science by Coursework in Major Programme Management since 1 July 2016

Gazette 27 May 2021

Changes to clarify the regulations concerning the dissertation, and includes new guidance on supervision arrangements, submission content, and removes references to the dissertation deadline (which currently does not apply to all cohorts of the programme). See the Social Science Division notice in the Gazette for further information.

Gazette 23 July 2020

Change of core course title. See the Social Sciences Divisional Board notice in the Gazette for further information.

Gazette 25 July 2019

Minor change to submission date for option papers and remival of reference to an award of distinction as it is now included in the General Regulations.  See the Social Sciences Divisional Board notice in the Gazette for further information.

Technical Edit 8 May 2019

Removal of text marked for students starting before MT2016.

Gazette 21 July 2016

(i) Change to require online submission

(ii) Change to suspension arrangements

See Social Sciences Board Notice in the Gazette for further details