Visiting Students

Differences from 2015/16 to 2019/20

  • 1. There shall be a Register of Visiting Students who are members of a college or other society but who are not members of the University. Council may determine from time to time conditions for admission to the Register and the maximum numbers of the members of each college or other society who may be admitted as Visiting Students in any one year.

  • 2. Application for admission as a Visiting Student shall be made to the Registrar through the candidate's society within fourteen days after the society has admitted the candidate. The application shall provide such particulars as Council shall from time to time specify, and shall include an undertaking by the candidate, in terms approved from time to time by Council, (i) as to conduct and (ii) as to payment when due of the fees payable to the University while holding the status of Visiting Student.

  • 3. For each term in which his or her name is on the Register, every Visiting Student shall pay to his or her college or other society for transmission to the Curators of the University Chest, within fourteen days from the beginning of Full Term (or, in the term of admission, within fourteen days from the day on which his or her name was entered on the Register), a fee at the annual rate specified in the appropriate regulation.

  • 4. A Visiting Student shall cease to hold that status (i) after three terms, or (ii) forthwith if:

    • (a) he or she shall have failed to pay the fees required under cl. 3;

    • (b) he or she ceases to be a member of a college or other society;

    • (c) he or she is matriculated, or his or her name is placed on the Register of Diploma Students or the Register of Recognized Students; or

    • (d) in accordance with the prescribed procedure, he or she is found to have committed a breach of his or her undertaking as to conduct and it is held that his or her status is to cease as a consequence.

  • 5. Every Visiting Student shall be entitled:

    • (a) to use the university libraries subject to the provisions of the statutes or decrees governing particular libraries, and to the general regulations and rules of the libraries concerned.

    • (b) to attend lectures advertised in the lists of boards of faculties and other bodies, provided that:

    • (i) attendance at lectures described as seminars or classes or informal instruction shall be subject to the permission of the holder, and

    • (ii) attendance at lectures given in any college building shall be subject to the right of the college concerned to refuse admission.

  • 6. A Visiting Student may be permitted to work, and receive teaching or supervision, in any university laboratory, subject to prior arrangement agreed between his or her society and the head of department, and subject to such conditions as may be determined, by the head of department in accordance with arrangements approved from time to time by Council.

  • 7. No Visiting Student shall be eligible to be a candidate for any examination, or scholarship, prize, or other award of the University.