Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations: Part 7 Assessors

Differences from 2018/19 to 2022/23

  • 7.1. A Board of Examiners may in accordance with the provisions of this Part nominate as assessors other persons who are not examiners in the same University Examination to act with them in setting and/or marking any particular part of a University Examination.

  • 7.2. Supervisory bodies, or nominating committees to which responsibilities are delegated under regulation 2.7 in Part 2 of these regulations, shall approve the appointment of assessors in the following cases:

    • (1) Persons who are either full members of a Faculty of the University, or have examining duties included in their employment contract;

      (2) Persons who do not qualify under the provisions in (1), but whose first appointment as an assessor has previously been approved by the Proctors, provided the person is not a student.

  • 7.3. The Proctors shall approve the appointment of assessors in the following cases:

    • (1) Persons who are not full members of a Faculty of the University, have no examining duties in their contracts, and have never acted as an assessor at the University of Oxford before, on their first appointment as an assessor only;

      (2) Postgraduate research students, whose appointment must be approved by the Proctors for every examination and for every term in which they are nominated to act as an assessor.

  • 7.4. A person who holds a post of lector in either the University or one of the colleges in the language concerned may be appointed, under regulation 7.2 or 7.3 as appropriate, to act as an assessor in an oral examination in any of the following Final Honour Schools:

    • Modern Languages

    • History and Modern Languages

      Philosophy and Modern Languages

      Classics and Modern Languages

      English and Modern Languages

      European and Middle Eastern Languages.

  • 7.5. Where an examination forms part of more than one University Examination a person may be appointed to act as an assessor of that examination for all University Examinations of which it forms a part.

  • 7.6. The relevant supervisory body, nominating committee, or Proctors shall inform Student Registry of the names of all persons appointed as assessors, as soon as they have been appointed. Persons must not act as assessors until their appointment has been approved under regulations 7.2 or 7.3.

  • 7.7. Persons acting as assessors shall make a report to the Board of Examiners on the parts of the University Examinations submitted to them, but shall have no right of voting on the place of any candidate in a Results List nor on the question of the candidate having satisfied the examiners or having been adjudged worthy of distinction.

  • 7.8. An assessor shall if invited by the Board of Examiners take part in any viva voce examination.

  • 7.9. The remuneration of assessors shall be according to a scale drawn up by the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council.

  • 7.10. The provisions of regulations 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8 in Part 4 of these regulations which concern leave of absence, death, resignation, and removal in the case of examiners shall apply, with any necessary modifications, to assessors.

  • 7.11. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) or Proctors shall have power to give and vary directions necessary for the carrying out of the provisions of this Part.