Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations: Part 2 Responsibilities of Supervisory Bodies

Differences from 2020/21 to 2023/24

  • Number of examiners

  • 2.1. It is the duty of every supervisory body:

    • (1) to ensure that there is a sufficient number of suitably qualified examiners, and, if required, assessors, to prepare and examine every part of the University Examination for which it is responsible;

    • (2) to arrange for their nomination and appointment in accordance with Part 3 of these regulations.

    2.2. Every candidate in an examination shall be examined by at least two examiners or by one examiner and one assessor except in the following cases:

    • (1) an examination which is part of a Preliminary Examination or Moderations (but not Honour Moderations) in the First Public Examination; or

    • (2) an examination which is exempted from this requirement with the written permission of the Chair of the Education Committee.

  • 2.3. No more than two persons who are, or have been during the two preceding years, on the teaching staff of the same college shall be nominated to serve at the same time on the same Board of Examiners.

    2.4. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) or Proctors may for good cause dispense with the requirements of regulation 2.3. above.

  • Structure of boards of examiners

  • 2.5. It is the duty of every supervisory body to establish and maintain standing orders for:

    • (1) the number of examiners for any University Examination for which that supervisory body is responsible;

      (2) the period of office for both internal and external examiners;

      (3) the appointment and period of office of a chair of examiners;

      (4) the composition and constitution (including the arrangements for appointment of the chair and rules as to quorum) of any nominating committee to whom responsibilities are delegated under 2.7 below; and

      (5) the period of service of the members of that committee and the filling of vacancies.

  •  2.6. The standing orders made under regulation 2.5 above shall be submitted to Student Registry by 1 October each year.

    2.7. The responsibility for the appointment of examiners and assessors in respect of any University Examination which is under the joint supervision of more than one supervisory body shall be delegated to a nominating committee appointed jointly for this purpose by the supervisory bodies concerned, unless there is provision to the contrary in any regulation.

    2.8. Student Registry shall be informed annually of the chair or senior nominator of each nominating committee.

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Postgraduate Certificate in Supervision of Applied Psychological Practice

  • 2.9.

    • (1) The membership and terms of reference of the Board of Examiners for the Degree of Doctor of Clinical Psychology and the Postgraduate Certificate in Supervision of Applied Psychological Practice shall be determined by the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training.

    • (2) The Course Directors shall maintain procedures for nomination of examiners and the terms of reference and conventions of the Board of Examiners for each of these awards, and make these available to the Proctors on request.

    • (3) Nominations of examiners shall be subject to regulation 3.3 in Part 3 of these regulations.