Recognized Students

Differences from 2015/16 to 2019/20

  • 1. There shall be a Register of Recognized Students who are not members of the University.

  • 2. Any Theacademic Boarddivision, of a facultydepartment or divisionalfaculty board may place the name of any applicant on the Register of Recognized Students provided that the applicant:

    Provided that the applicant:

    • (a) is not a member of the University,

    • (b) possesses the qualifications required from candidates for admission to the status of Senior Student except that persons not so qualified may in exceptional cases be admitted,

    • (c) is placed under an academic adviser appointed by the relevant board. It shall be the duty of the academic adviser to advise on the work of the student but not to give systematic instruction. HeThe or sheadviser shall submit a report on the progress of the student to the Boardboard at the end of each term.

  • 3. Application for admission as a Recognized Student shall be made to the Registrar for submission to the appropriate faculty board and shall be accompanied byinclude:

    • (a) evidence of the degrees previously obtained by the applicant,

    • (b) a statement of the proposed subject of study,

    • (c) two areferences, certificatenormally from asenior professoracademic or head of a departmentmembers of the Universityapplicant’s current university;

      (d) proof of OxfordEnglish supportinglanguage proficiency at the applicationappropriate level determined by the relevant board.

  • Applications will be assessed by an academic assessor appointed by the relevant board. The decision to admit an applicant is the responsibility of the relevant board which may delegate approval to the Director of Graduate Studies or equivalent or other appropriate person.

  • 4. If an applicant for admission as a Recognized Student shall propose a subject of study which is outside the scope of the board of any faculty or divisional board but which may in the opinion of the Education Committee be profitably studied at Oxford, that committee may, on the recommendation of a delegacy or committee constituted under the provisions of the appropriate regulation, deal with his or hertheir case as if it were the board of a faculty.

  • 5. For each term for which his or hertheir name is on the Register, every Recognized Student shall pay a tofee at the Curatorsannual ofrate specified by the UniversityRegulations Cheston Financial Matters,  within fourteen days from the beginning of Full Term (or from the date of the decision to place his or hertheir name on the Register, in the case of a decision taken during Full Term and applying to that term), a fee at the annual rate specified in the appropriate regulation.

  • 6. A Recognized Student shall cease to hold that status

    • (a) if he or shethey shall have failed to pay the fees required under clause 5,

    • (b) if his or hertheir name shall have been removed from the Register by the faculty or divisionalrelevant board concerned.

  • 7. Every Recognized Student shall be entitled

    • (i) to use the University Libraries subject to the provision of the statutes governing particular Libraries,

    • (ii) to attend lectures advertised in the lists of boards of faculties and other bodies:

    • Provided that attendance
    • (a) at lectures described as seminars or classes or informal instruction shall be subject to the permission of the holder,

    • (b) at lectures given in any college building shall be subject to the right of the college concerned to refuse admission.

    • (iii) to work in any University department or institution subject to the agreement of the head of that department or institution.

  • 8. No Recognized Student shall have his or hertheir name on the Register of Recognized Students for more than three terms.

  • 9. The A faculty or divisionalrelevant board shall have power to remove from the Register the name of any Recognized Student which it has placed onfrom the Register of Recognized Students.