Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business (Part-time)

Differences from 2017/18 to 2023/24

General Regulations

  • 1. The ExecutiveDiploma Course Committee of the Saïïd Business School shall have the power to grant Postgraduate Diplomas in Global Business to candidates who have satisfied the conditions prescribed in this section and any further conditions which the committee may prescribe by regulation.

  • 2. The examination for the Postgraduate Diplomacourse shall be under the supervision of the Executive Committee of the Saïïd Business School which shall have power, subject to the approval of the Divisional Board, to make regulations governing the examination.

    3. Candidates may be admitted as students for the Postgraduate Diploma under such conditions as the committee shall prescribe, provided that before admission candidates shall have satisfied the committee that they have appropriate educational experience acceptable to the committee, have relevant professional experience, and are well equipped to enter the proposed course of study.

  • 4. Any person who has been accepted as a candidate for the Postgraduate Diploma, and who has satisfactorily pursued the course prescribed by the committee, may be admitted to the examination.

  • 5.  If, for good cause, a student is temporarily unable to carry out their studies, the Programme Directorthey may grantapply for a temporarysuspension, suspension of status,normally for not less than one and not more than twelve months at any one time. Applications for suspension of status should be made to the Programme Director, c/o the relevant Graduate Studies Assistant; and will require additional approval from the Director of Graduate Studies. No student may be granted more than twelve months’ suspension of status in this way by the Programme Director. 

Special Regulations

1. Candidates must follow for at leasta twelve-month, months and not more than fourteen months apart-time course of instructionstudy in Global Business.

  • 2. Candidates must complete the following four courses:

    • (a) Four courses, and satisfy the examiners in the assessment associated with each course. The four courses are:

      • (i) Global Strategy

      • (ii) Risk and Reputation

      • (iii) Corporate Diplomacy in a Global Context

      • (iv) The Challenges of Business in Emerging Markets

      Details can be found in the course handbook.

    • (b)3. Courses (i) to (iii) will each be assessed by a coursework 2-hour written examinationsubmission.  Course (iv) will be assessed by a final integrative written assignment of 6,000 words.   Assignments

    • 4. All coursework submissions must be submitted online, as set out inusing the assessmentUniversity-approved sectiononline ofsubmission system. Details are available on the programme WebLearnlearning site, not later than 12 noon on the stipulated submission date, which will be published by the Programme Director by the first module of the programmeplatform.  All material submitted for the integrative written assignment shall be accompanied by a statement signed by the candidate indicating that it is the candidate's own work.

  • 25. Candidates may be examinedrequested vivato voceattend an oral examination on one or moreany of the written examinations and the integrative written assignmentassessments.

    3. The examiners may award a distinction for excellence in the whole examination.

  • 46. Candidates who fail an assessment maymust beretake re-examinedor onresubmit notthe failed assessment once, no more than onetwelve occasionmonths whichafter normallythe shallfinal be within one yearmeeting of theirthe initialBoard failureof Examiners, excluding any period of suspension.

  • 57. With the approval of the Programme Director, a candidate may substitute any of courses (i) to (iii) on the Postgraduate Diploma with core courses from the part-time MBA, the Postgraduate Diploma in AI for Business, the Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership, the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Strategy, or M.Sc. in Major Programme Management, assuming that core course falls within the permitted registration period for the original Postgraduate Diploma.