Master of Studies in Traditional China

Differences from 2021/22 to 2023/24

  • 1. Before admission to the course, candidatesCandidates must either have takenfollow a degreecourse of instruction in Chinese in the Honour School of Oriental Studies at Oxford orfor a comparableperiod degreeof fromthree another universityterms, or must otherwise satisfy the Board ofunless the Faculty of Oriental Studies that they possess the necessary qualificationsBoard in theexceptional Chinesecircumstances languageshall topermit profitan byextension theof coursetime. 

  • 2. EveryAssessments candidatewill consist of four units. Essays and thesis must followbe forsubmitted atto leastthe threeUniversity termsapproved aonline courseassessment of instruction in Chinese Studiesplatform. 

  • 3. Syllabus There will be four Units.

  • 4. Unit (i) Prescribed texts, withto specialbe referenceselected tofrom a subjectlist approvedpublished by the BoardFaculty in the course handbook. ThisCandidates iswill abe writtenrequired examinationto papersubmit two 5,000 word maximum essays. The first essay will be submitted by 12 noon on Monday of week 9 of Michaelmas Term and the second essay will be submitted by 12 noon on Monday of week 9 of Hilary Term. 

  • 54. Unit (ii) Either Classical Chinese unprepared translation or Japanese or another Asian language approved by the Board.  ThisCandidates istaking the language examination will be required to complete a written examination paperappropriate to their level of language knowledge, as assessed at the start of the course. Candidates may choose a language other than Classical Chinese only if the Board is satisfied that they possess a good knowledge of Classical Chinese. Candidates who have taken Chinese in the Honour School of OrientalAsian and Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford are required to take Japanese or another Asian language.
  • 65. Unit (iii) Bibliography and techniques of sinology. In Trinity term, with special reference to the subject chosen in Unit (i). Exercises will be set after examinations for Units (i) and (ii) have taken place. Each candidatecandidates will be assigned onean oressay, to be of no more exercisesthan set3,000 on a topic directly relating to the course of instruction he/she has followedwords, and will be required to submit a written answer to the Chair of Examinersit by a date which the Chair will announce, but which shall, in any case, be not sooner than twofive days and not later than seven days following the examinations.release Each essay must be submitted toof the University approved online assessment platformpaper. Candidates must include a declaration that the work is the candidate’s own. 

  • 76. Unit (iv) A thesis of not more than 15,000 words (excluding bibliography) on a topic selected in consultation with the candidate's supervisor and approved by the Faculty Board. Applications for such approval should be submitted to the Faculty office by Monday of Week 0 of Hilary Term. The thesis must be submitted to the University approved online assessment platform not later than 12 noon on Friday of Week 4 of Trinity Term. The work must bear the candidates’ examination number (but not the candidates’ name). Candidates must include a declaration that the work is the candidates own. 

  • 87. Lists of set texts must be submitted to the Faculty office by Friday of seventh week of Michaelmas Term.

  • 9.  Candidates may be required to attend a viva.