Master of Studies in Slavonic Studies

Differences from 2018/19 to 2023/24

  • 1. Candidates must have taken either Russian (as sole language or as one of two languages) or Czech (with Slovak) in the Oxford Honour School of Modern Languages, or have taken a comparable degree in a Slavonic language from another university, or must satisfy the committee that they possess the necessary qualifications in a Slavonic language to profit by the course.

  • 2. Candidates must follow for at least three terms a course of instruction in Slavonic Studies.

  • 32. Each candidate will be required to take:

    • a) one language from Schedule 1 and(A);
    • b) threeone subject from Schedule 2(B);
    • c) two further subjects from Schedules 2-107 of which not more than one may be from Schedule 2 (B and C). 
  • The list of schedules will be available in the handbook for that year and will be made available to incoming students by the Graduate Studies Office early in the Long Vacation.

  • A.
    • Schedule 1 - Unseen translation
  • B.
    • Schedule 2 - Methodology
  • C.
    • Schedule 3 – Slavonic Philology in Context
    • Schedule 4 – The History of a chosen language
    •  Schedule 5 – The Structure and Present State of a chosen language
    •  Schedule 6 – Russian Literature, Culture and History
    • Schedule 7 – Central European Literature, Culture and History
  • 43. Candidates may take no more than two subjects from any one Schedule. Candidates may not take subjects which they have already studied in a first degree course. 

  • 54.    Candidates will be examined by written examination, unless otherwise specified in the handbook.

    65.    Options available from the M.St./M.Phil. in Modern Languages will be examined under the regulations for those courses.

    76.   In lieu of written examination in one subject a candidate may elect under Schedule 2 to submit ana essaythesis of 5,000 to 7,000 words on a subject of the candidates choice.

  • 7. The subject of the essaythesis should fall within the areas of Slavonic languages and literatures. Candidates are required to register the subject area or title of their essaythesis with the Modern Languages Graduate Office by the end of the fourth week of Hilary Term. ThreeThe typedthesis copiesshould ofbe submitted electronically as specified in the essaycourse must be delivered to the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxfordhandbook by noon on Thursday of sixth week of Trinity Term. Work submitted in the form of an essaythesis for the Degree of M.St. may subsequently be incorporated in a thesis submitted for the Degree of M.Phil., or may be used as the basis for the piece of written work required for admission to the status of student for the Degrees of M.Litt. or D.Phil.

  • 8. Candidates must present themselves for oral examination unless dispensed by the examiners.