Master of Studies in Creative Writing

Differences from 2015/16 to 2021/22

  • 1. Every candidate must follow for at least six terms a part-time course of instruction in Creative Writing.

  • 2. The course will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, individual tutorials, and a placement.

  • 3. The examination will consist of the following parts:

    • (a) Two assignments selected from two of the genres listed in the schedule below. Assignments submitted for 1, [For students starting before MT 2016:2,] [For students starting from MT 2016: 4,] or 5 in the schedule should be no more than 2,500 words of prose. Assignments submitted for 3 in the schedule should be no more than 130 lines of poetry. Assignments submitted for 2 in the schedule should be: no more than 15 minutes (or c. 2500 words) of Radioradio Dramadrama; between 12 and 15 minutes stage play (no more than 2,500 words); approximately 15 minutes or no more than 2,500 words of screen play.

    • (b) Two critical appraisal assignments of no more than 2,500 words, selected from two of the genres listed in the schedule below.

    • (c) A portfolio of Creativecreative Writingwriting which may be no more than either approximately 7,000 words of prose or approximately 350 lines of poetry; or no more than 40 minutes (or c. 7,000 words) of radio drama; or a stage play of between 35 and 40 minutes (no more than 7,500 words); or approximately 40 minutes or no more than 7,000 words of screenplay.

    • (d) Two extended critical essays, one of no more than 4,000 words and one of no more than 5,000 words, the latter related to the genre in which the final project is written, and both to be approved by the candidate's supervisor.

    • (e) A report on the candidate's Placementplacement of no more than 2,500 words.

    • (f) A Finalfinal Projectproject on a topic selected by the candidate in consultation with his or her supervisor and approved by the examiners. The final project may take the format of one of the following:

      • (i) a piece of prose fiction or narrative non fiction of approximately 25,000 words;

      • (ii) Radioradio Dramadrama totalling 90 minutes or approximately 18,000 words;

      • (iii) a 90-110-minute minutes stage play (23approx. 15,000-25 to 23,000 words);

      • (iv) a screenplay of up to two hours in length (entire); approximately 110-120 pages (12pt Courier) 25,000 words;

      • (v) a ninety-minute TV play (approximately 18,000 words);

      • (vi) a collection of poetry of between 40 and 60 pages and between 600 and 1,200 lines.

    Candidates may be required to attend a viva voce examination.

    The second Extendedextended Essayessay under 3(d) and the Finalfinal Projectproject under 3(f) must be deliveredsubmitted using the University approved online assessment platform not later than noon on the third FridayThursday in September of the final year of the course to the Chair of Examiners for the Degree of M.St. in Creative Writing, c/o Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford.

    All other elements of assessed work shall be forwardedsubmitted tovia the examiners,University c/oapproved Registry,online Departmentassessment for Continuing Education, 1 Wellington Square, Oxfordplatform for consideration by such dates as the examiners shall determine and shall notify the candidates and tutors at the start of each academic year.

    All assessed work (3(a) to 3(f)) must be accompanied by a statement that it is the candidate's own work.

  • 4. The examiners may award a distinction for excellence in the whole examination.

  • 5.  A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in 3 maywill be permitted to resubmit work in respect of part or parts of the examination which they have failed for examination on one further occasion, not later than one year after the initial attempt.


  • 1. Prose fiction

  • 2. Drama

  • 3. Poetry

  • 4. Narrative non-fiction

  • 5. Any other option approved by the Board of Study.

The schedule of assessment for any one year will be circulated to candidates and supervisors by the second week of Michaelmas Term.