Master of Studies in Literature and Arts

Differences from 2015/16 to 2023/24

  • 1. Every candidate must follow for at least six terms (and a maximum of eight terms) a part-time course of instruction in interdisciplinary study in the Humanities (Literature, History and History of Art).

  • 2. The course will consist of lectures, seminars, on-line courses and individual tutorials.

  • 3. Every candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following parts:

    • (a) Four essays, each of no more than 5,000 words in length.

    • (b) Engagement with the on-line courses to the satisfaction of the Course Director.

    • (c) A dissertation on a topic selected by the candidate in consultation with the Course Director and his or hertheir supervisor and approved by the examiners. The dissertation must be of no more than 11,000 words in length, and will need to demonstrate knowledge and awareness of more than one subject discipline.

Candidates may be required to attend a viva voce examination if the Examiners require further information in order to make a judgement on an individual candidate.

The dissertation under 3(cb) must be submitted in digital copy, format to be prescribed in the course handbook, not later than noon on the third FridayThursday in September of the final year of the course to the ChairUniversity ofapproved Examinersonline forassessment the Degree of MLA, c/o Registry, 1 Wellington Square, Oxfordplatform. All other elements of assessed work shall be forwardeduploaded to the examiners,University c/oapproved Registry,online 1assessment Wellington Square, Oxford platform for consideration by such dates as the examiners shall determine and shall notify the candidates and tutors at the start of each academic year.

The assessed work under 3(a) and 3(cb) must be accompanied by a statement that it is the candidate's own work.

  • 4. The examinersCandidates may awardbe required to attend a Distinctionviva forvoce examination if the MLAExaminers require further information in order to make a judgement on an individual candidate.

    • 5. A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in 3 maywill be permitted to resubmit work in respect of part or parts of the examination which they have failed for examination on one further occasion. In the case of 3(a), candidates should resubmit work within one year, but normally not later than three months after the initial attempt. In the case of 3(cb), candidates should resubmit work not later than twelve months after the initial attempt.