Master of Studies in Historical Studies

Differences from 2015/16 to 2021/22

  • 1. Candidates must follow a course of instruction in Historical Studies. The course is available on a part time basis only, to be studied over a period of three terms.

    2. Candidates for admission will be required to have successfully completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Historical Studies normally not more than three terms before admission to the MSt.

    3. Every candidate shall be required to satisfy the examiners in the following:

    • (a) Attendance at teaching, seminars  and supervisions, covering the units listed in the Schedule below;

      (b)  A survey of secondary literature of not more than 2,500 words;

    • (cb)  A survey of primary sources for dissertation of not more than 2,500 words;

    • (dc)  A dissertation proposal of not more than 1,500 words;

    • (d) Two oral presentations;

    • (e) Two oral presentations;

      (f)  A dissertation of not more than 15,000 words on a topic selected by the candidate in consultation with the supervisor and approved by any two of the course committeeexaminers.

  • Assignments under 3(a) to (c) shall be uploaded to the University approved online assessment platform for consideration by such dates as the examiners shall determine and of which they shall notify candidates. Presentations under 3(d) shall be delivered at such times and locations as are provided in the course handbook.

  • The dissertation under clause 3(fe) shall be submitted in harda copyformat andto be prescribed in digitalthe copycourse handbook to the examinersUniversity forapproved theonline MStassessment platform. Submission deadlines and information are published in Historical Studies c/o Examination Schools High Street Oxford OX1 4BG, no later than noon on the first Friday in June of the year in which the course is takenhandbook.

    4. Candidates may be required to attend a viva voce examination at the end of the course of studies at the discretion of the examiners.

    5. The examiners may award a distinction to candidates for the MSt.

    6. A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in the dissertation maywill be permitted to resubmit on one further occasion only, not later than one year after the initial failure.

    76. A candidate who is successful in the examination for the MSt in Historical Studies shall have his or hertheir Postgraduate Certificate subsumed by the Master of Studies.


Unit 1: Using Archives and Analysing Sources

Unit 2: Theoretical Approaches to History

Unit 3: Writing History