Master of Science by Coursework in Teacher Education (Part-time)

Differences from 2017/18 to 2022/23

  • 1. AllThe candidatesCourse willshall be initially admitted forunder the Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education.

  • 2. Every candidate must follow for six terms a part-time coursesupervision of instruction in Teacher Education, approved by the Academic Committee of the Department of Education. All candidates on the course will be required to complete four summatively assessed units of study, two formatively assessed residential units and a research and development dissertation.

  • 2. Candidates will be expected to participate in a course of instruction for six terms part-time, including two one-week residential sessions and a series of online lectures and seminars.

  • 3. The M.Sc. in Teacher Education shall be examined by means of fourthree assignments relating to the content of each of the fourthree units and a research and development dissertation as set out in the Course Handbook. EachAssignments assignmentone and two must be between 4,000 and 5,000 words in length, or their equivalent in tables, charts and diagramsassignment in accordance with guidance given in the unit. One electronic copy (in a software format available in the department)three must be submitteda onlinemaximum of 10,000 words in length.
  • 4. Assignments one and two must be uploaded to the ChairUniversity ofapproved Examiners,online M.Sc.assessment inplatform Teacher Education, c/o Department of Education, 15 Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6PY who will provide the digital address. The deadline for the submission of assignments will beby no later than noon on MondayTuesday of Week 1 of Hilary and Trinity terms respectively.

     Assignment three must be uploaded to the University approved online assessment platform by no later than noon on the third Thursday in September in the candidate’s first year of the course. 
  • 45. The deadline for resubmission of assignments one and two will be noon on the Tuesday falling 8 weeks after the release of results. The deadline for resubmission of assignment three will be noon on Tuesday of week 1 of Hilary term in the candidate’s second year of the course.
  • 6. Candidates who successfully complete the three summatively assessed units of study and who choose not to continue with their programme of study may be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education. 
  • 7. The research and development dissertation will present a systematic account of a substantial practitioner research enquiry, focused on the design and implementation of a specific innovation in teacher education with a strong emphasis on the choice of appropriate criteria, and relevant evidence for evaluating its impact. The dissertation must be between 15,000 and 20,000 words in length., Onethe electronictitle copyto (be selected in consultation with the supervisor, on a softwaretopic formatrelevant available into the department)course. The subject and title selected by the candidate must be submittedapproved by the Course Director at a time to be announced at the beginning of the academic year in which the examination is taken. The dissertation must be uploaded to the ChairUniversity ofapproved Examiners,online M.Sc.assessment inplatform Teacher Education, c/o Department of Education, 15 Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6PY who will provide a digital address,by no later than noon on the third FridayTuesday in September in the candidate’s second year on the course. One printed copy of the report must also be provided hard bound bearing the name of the candidate, and proof of posting by the submission date must be scanned and sent to the Chair of Examiners. The hard bound copy of the research and development project report of each candidate who passes the examination will be retained by OUDE for deposit in the departmental library.

  • 5. Candidates who fail to satisfy the examiners in an assignment or in the research and development dissertation will be permitted to resubmit on one occasion only. The deadline for resubmission of unit assessments will be noon on the Monday falling 14 weeks after the initial submission date, following the term in which the unit is taken. To transfer successfully from the Postgraduate Diploma to the M.Sc. candidates must have passed both assessment units in the first year.

  • 6. The award of Distinction within the M.Sc. in Teacher Education is normally reserved for those candidates who receive distinction marks for at least two of the four assignments, and over 60 for the other two, and also achieve distinction for the dissertation.

  • 78. Candidates may also be examined orally on their final research and development dissertation before the Michaelmas term Examination Board meeting. All candidates will be informed of the date at the start of the second year, as they will be required to attend Oxford in person.

  • 89. If the dissertation is awarded a failing mark, the candidate may resubmit the dissertation one further time on the next occasion when it is examined. If having passed the fourthree assessments a failing mark is received for the dissertation, either at the time of the original submission (and the candidate does not wish to re-sit) or after re-submission, students may apply to exit the programme with a Postgraduate Diploma.
  • Schedule

  • Programme of study: 

    1. Understanding your learner teachers and their actions: implications for your practice as teacher educator.
    2. What knowledge does a teacher need?
    3. Teacher and teacher educator learning: implications for the design of a teacher education session.