Master of Science by Coursework in Radiation Biology

Differences from 2021/22 to 2023/24

  • 1. The Medical Sciences Board shall elect for the supervision of the course an Organising Committee, which shall have the power to arrange lectures and other instruction.

  • 2. The Organising Committee shall assign a project supervisor for each candidate.

  • 3.  Each candidate shall follow a course of study in Radiation Biology for at least three terms and for a substantial part of the three subsequent vacations, as determined by the course timetable.

  • 4. Each candidate will be required to pass all of the following assessment components: 
      (i) A qualifying examination at the end of Michaelmas Term. The examination shall be on modules 1-4 in the Schedule.  
      (ii) A short essay submitted at the end of Michaelmas Term, selected from a choice of essay titles based on modules 1-4 in the Schedule. 
      (iii) An extended essay submitted in Hilary Term, selected from a choice of essay titles based on modules 5-10 in the Schedule. 
      (iv) A written examination in Trinity Term. The examination shall be on modules 5-12 in the Schedule.  
      (v) An original research project of approximately five months. Candidates will be examined on their project in three ways: 
          a. Submission to the examiners of a research dissertation based on the research project.  
          b. Presentation to the examiners and assessors on the research project. 
          c. Examination viva voce by the examiners. 
  • 5. Candidates must pass each component in order to pass the examination overall. 
  • 6. Candidates who fail any component shall be permitted to re-take it on one further occasion only.  

  • 7. Candidates who fail a component on the second attempt will be deemed to have failed the requirements of the MSc and will not be permitted to continue on the course.  

  • 8. The essays and dissertation will be uploaded to the University approved assessment platform, details of which will be notified to students by the Course Administrator, by dates to be specified by the Organising Committee and published in the Course Handbook.

  • 9. The examiners shall retain one copy of each dissertation of each successful candidate for deposit in the Radcliffe Science Library.


  1. Physics and Chemistry of Radiation Action 
  2. Molecular Radiation Biology 
  3. Cellular Radiation Biology 
  4. Normal Tissue and Applied Radiation Biology 
  5. Whole Body Exposure and Carcinogenesis 
  6. Radiation Epidemiology 
  7. Imaging Technologies 
  8. Tumour Microenvironment 
  9. Applications of Radiation Therapy 
  10. Translational Radiation Biology 
  11. Clinical Radiation Biology 
  12. Radiation Protection