Master of Science by Coursework in Politics Research

Differences from 2021/22 to 2023/24

  • 1. The regulationsprogramme madeshall bybe under the supervision of the Politics Graduate Studies Committee are as follows:

    M.Sc. Examination

    A candidate forof the M.Sc.Department inof Politics Researchand shallInternational Relations. 

  • 2. Candidates will be required to follow a course of instruction in Politics Research for twelvethree monthsterms full-time. 
  • 3. EachCandidates candidatewill mustcomplete passa the M.Sc. Examination at the end of Trinity Termcourse in theeither two compulsory papers. Each candidate must also submit a thesis during the Long Vacation.

    Compulsory papers

    • (1) A single three hour written examination paper testing knowledge of the candidate’s core subject (Comparative Government or European Governance).

      Comparative Government

      Compulsory paperor taken from the M.Phil. in Politics

      The theory and practice of government in modern states.

      European Governance

      , assessed by a written examination. 
    • Compulsory

    • 4. paperCandidates takenwill fromcomplete thea M.Phil.course in Politics

      The constitutions and formal structure of governments in European states, including the UK, and the theory and practice of integration in Europe.

      (2) Research Methods in Political Science

      (Compulsory paper taken from the M.Phil. in Politics)

      The paper is assessed by coursework, full details of which will be set out in the followingStudent wayHandbook. The candidates must submit:

      • (i) A Research Design Proposal of between 4000 and 6000 words, excluding the title page, contents, bibliography and any methodological appendices, on research design as it bears on the subject of the candidate’s proposed M.Sc. thesis. The Research Design Proposal must be uploaded to the University approved online assessment platform by noon on the Friday of sixth week of Trinity Term. The work must be anonymous and must be accompanied by a separate signed declaration that it is the candidate’s own work except where otherwise indicated, and that it has not previously been submitted for assessment, either at Oxford or at another institution.

        (ii) Research methods training coursework

      • 5. Candidates will satisfactorily complete a programme of core and optional research methods training, as specified in the Student Handbook. Candidates who fail elements of the research methods training coursework are normally permitted to submit a second time (or, of the coursework is assessed by a test, to resit that test) by a date specified in the Student Handbook.

    The Thesis

    Each candidate must submit a thesis of not more than 15,000 words, excluding the title page, contents, bibliography and any methodological appendices. The thesis must be uploaded to the University approved online assessment platform by noon on the last FridayThursday ofin August.  

  • 6. followingThe thesis must be submitted using the endUniversity ofapproved Trinityonline Fullsubmission Termsystem. OnTechnical submittinginformation on the thesis,requirements for online submissions is provided in the Student Handbook.  
  • 7. Successful candidates will also be required to submit an online declaration of authorship. The examiners shall exclude from consideration any part of the thesis which is not the candidate’s own work or which has been or will be submitted to satisfy the requirements of another course, and the examiners shall have power to require the candidate to produce for their inspection the work so submitted or to be submitted. After the examination process is complete, each successful candidate must deposit one hardbounda copy of their thesis in the Bodleian Library.

  • With respect to the Research Design Proposal and the thesis, only the file uploaded to the University approved online assessment platform constitutes a valid submission; no concomitant hard-copy submission may be submitted for any purpose.

    For a candidate to pass the degree of M.Sc. in Politics Research, the candidate must pass: the Research Methods in Political Science paper (all elements of coursework and the Research Design Proposal), the written examination paper (Comparative Government or European Governance), and the thesis.