Master of Science by Coursework in Mathematical Sciences

Differences from 2020/21 to 2023/24

1. The Examination in Mathematical Sciences shall be under the supervision of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board.

2. The Divisional Board of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences shall appoint for the supervision of the course a Joint Supervisory Committee, which shall have the power to approve lectures and other instruction. The committee shall appoint a Course Director who will be responsible for ensuring that the programme is set up and the decisions of the committee are carried out.

3. The subjects of the MSc in Mathematical Sciences shall be Mathematics, Statistics and related subjects.

4. In the following, ‘the Course Handbook’ refers to the MSc in Mathematical Sciences Handbook and course web pages published by the Joint Supervisory Committee.

5. Each candidate shall follow a course of study in Mathematical Sciences for at least three terms.

6. Candidates shall offer a minimum of eight units and a maximum of ten units from the schedule of units (see below).

(a) Up to two of these units may be from the schedule of Computer Science units.

(b) Two of the units offered must be a dissertation.

7. The examiners may award a distinction for excellence in the whole examination.

8. A candidate who fails the course will be permitted to retake it on one further occasion only. This resit attempt shall normally be taken at the next opportunity, but may be deferred once, i.e. it must be taken at one of the next two opportunities. In such a case the examiners will specify at the time of failure which of the assessed components of the course may or must be redone. No candidate who has satisfied the examiners in any one of the examinations may enter again for the same examination.

9. Syllabus and examination details will be published each year in the Course Handbook and on the course web pages by the beginning of the Michaelmas Full Term in the academic year of the examination.

Schedule of Units

The final list of units will be published in the Course Handbook by the beginning of the Michaelmas Full Term in the academic year of the examination concerned, together with the following details:

1. ‘weight’ as either a unit or double unit;

2. method of assessment;

(The course handbook will indicate the method of assessment or indicate where details on the method of assessment are specified.)

3. rules governing submission of any dissertation or mini-project, including deadlines;

(No part of any dissertation or mini-project submitted may include work previously submitted for this or any other degree).

4. syllabus content;

5. whether there is a requirement to register or apply for a place to take a unit, and details of any registration or application procedure.