Master of Science by Coursework in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching (Part-time)

Differences from 2018/19 to 2022/23

  1. 1 The Course shall be under the supervision of the Academic Committee of the Department of Education.
  2. AllCandidates will be expected to participate in a course of instruction for six terms part-time, including a one-week induction session and a series of online lectures and seminars.
  3.  Candidates will take six one term papers. Each of the six papers will be assessed by coursework as set out in the Course Handbook.
  4.  In each of the two years, candidates will initiallytake three summatively assessed modules, two in Michaelmas Term and one module in Hilary Term.
  5.  Candidates who successfully complete the six summatively assessed modules, and who choose not to continue with their programme of study, may be admittedawarded for thea Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching. Candidates for the M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching shall normally have successfully obtained an honours degree. They shall normally be engaged as teachers of a second or foreign language at the time of application, and shall expect to continue this engagement during the course.

  6. 2.  Every candidate must follow a part-time course of instruction in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching as determined by the Course Director. All candidates on the course are required to complete six summatively assessed taught modules, and two formatively assessed modules, or, in exceptional cases and as determined by the Course Director, to give evidence of equivalent learning for one of these two formatively assessed modules. Candidates must also submit a dissertation.

    3.  Candidates shall be deemed to have passed the examination if they pass all six assessed modules and pass the dissertation.

    4.  In each of the two years of this part-time course, an electronic copy of each take-home examination for the two Michaelmas Term modules must be uploaded to the Department of Education’s Higher Degrees WebLearn site, no later than noon on the Friday of Week 0 of Hilary Term, and an electronic copy of the take-home examination for the Hilary Term module must be uploaded to the same place no later than noon on the Friday of Week 0 of Trinity Term. Each take-home examination must be accompanied by a declaration indicating it is the candidate’s own work. Marks will be released to candidates during Hilary Term and Trinity Term of each year after a meeting of the Examination Board. To transfer successfully from the Postgraduate Diploma to the M.Sc., candidates must have passed the first three assessed modules (usually completed in Year 1).

    5.  Candidates are required to submit a dissertation of between 15,000 and 20,000 words (including footnotes/endnotes but excluding appendices and references or bibliography) on a subject selected by the candidate in consultation with their supervisor, which must be closely related to one or more of the themes of the course. The subject and title selected by the candidate must be approved by the Course Director at a time to be announced at the beginning of the academic year in which the dissertation is submitted.

    6.  An electronic copy of the dissertation must be uploaded to the Department of Education’s Higher Degrees WebLearn site notno later than noon on the fourthsecond Tuesday of August of the yearThursday in whichAugust.

  7. theAll final Module examination has been taken. This copy should be anonymous except for the candidate number. The dissertationassessments must be accompaniedsubmitted byusing athe declarationUniversity indicatingapproved thatonline itsubmission system. Technical information on the requirements for online submissions is the candidate’s own work. Candidates will also be required to submit a hardbound copy of the dissertation to the Department of Education no later than one week after submission of the electronic copy. The hard bound copy of the dissertation of each candidate who passes the examination shall be retained by the department for depositprovided in the departmentalCourse libraryHandbook.

  8. 7.   If a candidate receives a failing mark for any of the summative assessments, they may resubmit the assessment on one further occasion, either by a date for resubmission which will be published by the Course Director when the results are released, and will be no sooner than 6 weeks from the release of the results, or in the corresponding term of the following year when assessments take place. If a candidate fails the dissertation, they may resubmit the dissertation one further time on the next occasion when this is examined. Candidates who fail any modules or the dissertation at the first attempt cannot normally be awarded more than 50 at resubmission.

  9. 8. If a failing mark is received on the dissertation, either at the time of the original submission or upon re-sit and a passing mark has been received for 6the six summatively assessed modules, the student may apply to exit the programme with a Postgraduate Diploma.

    9 in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching. The candidate may also be examined orally. The oral examination will normally be on the candidate's dissertation.