Law Moderations

Differences from 2015/16 to 2023/24


  • 1. The subjects of Law Moderations shall be:

    • (1) A Roman Introduction to Private Law.

    • (2) Criminal Law.

    • (3) Constitutional Law.

  • 2. Every candidate whomust hastake passedthe relevant examination in all three subjects shallat bethe deemedend of Hilary Term of their first year and must pass in all three subjects to have satisfied the Moderators, provided that

    • (a) he or she shall have passed in not less than two subjects at one and the same time, and

    • (b) he or she shall not be permitted to count any pass obtainedLaw Moderations. Candidates who fail in any subject beforemust he or she satisfiedre-sit the provision in (a).

  • 3. Any candidate may offer himself or herself for examination in one, two, or three subjects. Except as provided in clause 2 hereof, a candidate who has passed a subject in one examination may not offer himself or herself for that subject again in a later examination. No candidate may re-enterat the examinationend onof moreTrinity thanTerm one occasion afterof their first attempt, other than in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of the University Education Committeeyear.

  • 43. The Moderators may award a Distinction tounder anycriteria candidate of special merit who passesdefined in threethe subjectsExamination at any one examinationConventions.


Every candidate who wishes to pass Law Moderations must offer Criminal Law and Constitutional Law and A Roman Introduction to Private Law.

The individual specifications for Law Moderations subjects will be published in the Law Faculty Student Handbook for the academic year ahead by Monday of noughth week of Michaelmas Term each year.

Statutes and other source material

Details of the statutes and other sources of material which will be available to candidates in the examination room will be notified to candidates in Michaelmas Term, and any subsequent changes notified in the moderators’ edict.