Honour Moderations in Archaeology and Anthropology

Differences from 2016/17 to 2022/23


Honour Moderations in Archaeology and Anthropology shall be under the supervision of the Social Sciences Board and shall consist of such subjects as it shall by regulation prescribe. Under the overall direction of the board, the examination shall be administered by the School of Archaeology and the School of Anthropology, which shall jointly appoint a Standing Committee to advise the board as necessary in respect of this examination.


Candidates shall be examined in three areas:

  • 1.        Every candidate shall shall be examined in writing during the Trinity term of their first year and will offer four papers of three hours each, as follows:

    • Paper (1) Introduction to world archaeology.

    • Paper (2) Introduction to anthropological theory.

    • Paper (3) Perspectives on human evolution.

    • Paper (4) The nature of archaeological and anthropological enquiry.

  • 2.        All candidates will be required to undertake a course of practical work, including laboratory work.

All candidates will be assessed on their practical ability.

Class co-ordinators shall make available to the chair of the examiners records showing the extent to which each candidate has pursued an adequate course of practical work.