General Regulations for Postgraduate Diplomas in Education

Differences from 2014/15 to 2023/24

  • 1. The Departmental Board of the Department of Education shall have power to grant Postgraduate Diplomas in Education and Postgraduate Diplomas in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and Postgraduate Diplomas in Teaching English in University Settings and Postgraduate Diplomas in Teacher Education to candidates who have satisfied the conditions prescribed in this section and any further conditions which the committee may prescribe by regulation.

  • 2. The examinations for the diplomas shall be under the supervision of the Departmental Board which shall have power subject to the approval of the Education Committee to make regulations governing the examinations.

  • 3. Candidates, whether members of the University or not, may be admitted as students for the diplomas under such conditions as the committee shall prescribe, provided that

    • (i) before admission to a course of study approved by the committee, candidates have satisfied the committee that they have received a good general education, that they have had appropriate educational experience acceptable to the committee, and are well qualified to enter the proposed course of study;

    • (ii) any person so admitted who is not a member of the University, shall be required to pay to the Curators of the University Chest through the committee the composition fee payable under the provisions of the appropriate regulation, notwithstanding that he or she is not a member of the University.

  • 4. The Departmental Board shall make a return to the Registrar by the end of the sixth week of Michaelmas Term, showing the names of all persons admitted in that term as students for the diplomas, and the Registrar shall add the names of non-members of the University to the Register of Diploma Students.

  • 5. Any person who has been accepted as a candidate for the diplomas and who has satisfactorily pursued a course, whose character and length have been approved by the committee, may be admitted to the examinations.

  • 6. A candidate must apply to the committee for admission to the examinations at such time as the committee shall, by regulation, prescribe. His or her application must be accompanied by:

    • (a) a certificate from the Secretary of the Committee that he or she is satisfactorily pursuing a course of study approved by the committee;

    • (b) such other information as the committee may, by regulation, require.