Master of Science by Coursework in Major Programme Management

Differences from 2020/21 to 2022/23

  • 1. Candidates will follow for twenty-four months (part time), a programme of instruction in Major Programme Management.

  • 2. The programme will consist of eight compulsory courses, as prescribed in the schedule, and a dissertation of 10,000 words. Candidates must satisfy the examiners in the assessment associated with each component. Modes of assessment and submission dates will be published by the M.Sc. Director and distributed to all candidates in the first week of the Michaelmas Term of the year in which the assessment takes place. All pieces of assessment will be submitted online, as set out in the assessment section of the programme learning platform.

  • 3. Dissertation 

  • (a) The title of the dissertation must be approved by the MMPM Programme Committee no later than eight weeks after the end of Module 8. 

    (b) The dissertation supervision schedule is laid out in the dissertation guide, available on the programme learning platform. In exceptional circumstances additional supervision may be permitted; requests should be made to the M.Sc. Director. 

  • (c) The dissertation should demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate, implement and present a project in the area of Major Programme Management. The dissertation, not exceeding 10,000 words in length, must be submitted online, as set out in the assessment section of the programme learning platform, by noon on the first Monday of September at the end of the second year of the course. All material submitted for the dissertation shall be accompanied by a declaration of authorship statement indicating that it is the candidate’s own work. 

  • (cd) The Research Methods assignment may be submitted as part of the dissertation providing: 

    • (i) it has not been submitted in whole or in part for another degree of the University of Oxford, or a degree of any other university, and the candidate submits a statement to that effect;

    • (ii) the dissertation itself is substantially new; 

    • (iii) the candidate also submits both the original Research Methods assignment itself and a statement specifying the extent of what is new.

  • 4.  Candidates who fail to satisfy the Examiners in the assessment of any one of the components may retake/resubmit the failed assessment only once, no morethan more than twelve months after the final meeting of the Board of Examiners, excluding any period of suspension. Candidates who fail to satisfy the examiners in the dissertation may resubmit it on one, but no more than one, occasion which shall normally be by Week 10 of the Hilary Term in the following year. 

  • 5. The Examiners may choose to examine any candidate or group viva voce.

  • 6. If, for good cause, a student is temporarily unable to carry out their studies, the MSc Director(s) concerned may grant him or her a request for a temporary suspension of status, for not less than one month and not more than twelve months at any one time.  Applications for suspension of status should be made to the MSc Director(s) concerned, c/o the relevant Graduate Studies Assistant; and will require additional approval from the Director of Graduate Studies.  No student may be granted more than twenty-four months’ suspension of status in this way by the MSc Director.

Schedule of Core Courses

  • (i) Designing and Managing Successful Programmes 

    (ii) Major Programme Risk 

    (iii) Systems Thinking

    (iv) Governance & Stakeholder Management 

    (v) Commercial Leadership 

    (vi) Research Methods 

    (vii) Managing Performance

    (viii) Globalisation and Major Programmes